Monday, February 18, 2008

Mohamed Al Fayed is a rambling, bitter, conspiracy theorist

As if ten years of papers filled with grieving for 'The People's Princess' (although what the fuck she ever did for me, I don't know) hasn't been bad enough, just when it's all looking to be over he sticks his massive, expensive tat-selling oar in. Shut your face Harrods-boy! No one gives a shit that you think Dodi was actually the Queen's brother and should have been given the throne if it hadn't been for a plot concocted with the Household Cavalry, three aliens from Neptune and Max Clifford, which resulted in Princess Diana and him being teleported to a 3-bed semi deep in the burning heart of the sun.

It's sad when people die. It's sad when anyone dies. But sometimes you need to move on.

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Pete said...

Sometimes you also need to take it as a sad reminder that no matter how important you feel, the laws of physics still apply and you need to put your seatbelt on.