Friday, March 28, 2008


Back in the day of modems Usenet was used to piss people off, flame each other and generally commit acts of indecency no one would want to own up to in real life. Today they do it on 4chan and I'm getting strangely addicted to it.

It's basically an anonymous access image board so as NSFW as it could possibly be. You may not have heard of it but you'll certainly have heard of it's influence. Lolcats anyone? Although it's all about the longcats now...

They've also conjured up the caturday meme and instigated a hilarious raid on Habbo Hotel by hundreds of Afro-ed characters in a protest against supposed racism.

Take a look at /b/ if you dare. It's completely indecipherable at the beginning, but you'll get the hang of it.

Currently they're in the middle of a possibly illegal cyber-stalk attack on a couple of girls because according to one of the posts: "yesterday some kid posted a thread on how he wanted to fuck his sister and asked advice on how do get her to want to fuck him. the girl in that OP's image is jenny. we found her youtube account and myspace which led us to amber who is apparently jenny's bff. at first we were just spamming her youtube tell her her brother wants wincest but now we just want moar pictures of amber and jenny."

Of course they then blame it all on a different site to deflect blame. It would be (or perhaps is) really out of order, were it not so funny.

edit: They also got to Tom Green. haha.

Longcat moves swiftly and silently

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Look what I just pre-ordered

Oh yeah.

Online play for the Wii at last.

Myspace leaving scam?

Here's something strange - I just deleted my Myspace account (because I've never used it) and once I did suddenly I got 5 friend requests. Now, my friend list up to that point contained a lonely Tom so this sounds well suspect to me.

Are Myspace trying to convince people to reconsider removing their account?

Why are they spamming me after I've removed all my details, clearly indicating that I don't want to be contacted any more?


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Repeat after me

I am a fascinating, unique individual with mental strength and abilities you can only guess at. I am an asset to my work, my social circle and the world at large. I pity you if you cannot see this. I have the power to hold my head high when others are losing theirs. I am confident in what I am capable of and fear neither the future nor the unexpected. I do not need religion or anti-social behaviour posters on public transport to be my moral compass. Everything I do is to make the world a better place. I support the unfortunate and those without a voice. I am not afraid to smile at strangers. I do not need your approval. I AM the shit.

Now keep repeating until you feel able to take on the world on your own terms. Living less than 100% is not really living at all.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Wandering around Ally Pally is good for a hangover (as is a sausage sandwich and cup cake proffered by a loved one) and I took the opportunity to take my lovely 40D along. Amongst the sights we saw were this squirrel which dropped bits of tree on us and this bizarre object, which seemed to serve no purpose other than to perplex passers-by.

I only took the 50mm lens with me so I couldn't do the view justice, but central London was looking magnificent in the sunshine, with the rest of town covered by grey clouds and rain. This is the best I could come up with:

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I hate this fucking country


7 things

I've been ordered to list 7 things I think are good, so I will duly oblige, in no particular order.
  1. Music. Without music my life would be like a silent movie and consequently, like a silent movie, it would be shit.
  2. Drinking tea in the the bath. The height of gentlemanly leisure.
  3. My girlfriend. Ahh. And no, she's not sitting next to me.
  4. Molton Brown, because even gentlemen need good skin.
  5. Train travel, comfortable and green.
  6. 6Music. It's enlightening to listen to the radio and not hear the same songs over and over again.
  7. Haribo. God bless you and all your gummi goodness.
You'll notice I've focused on things that are good for me. I support charity, for example, but I can't say it's ever done anything for me. Starving Africans can put Oxfam on their own list...

Now here are 7 things I just don't understand:
  1. Why fridges have lights but freezers don't.
  2. How much faith people put in 'experts' when what seems to qualify most people as an expert is only that they're the most vocal on a subject. This includes religion.
  3. The popularity of cheese.
  4. The success of Ryanair. Ugly planes, inconvenient destinations, surly staff and not even that cheap any more.
  5. Why rail travel is so expensive in this country.
  6. How to live a fulfilling life full of things I enjoy without sacrificing 5/7ths of it to earning a crust.
  7. Death, the extinguishing of consciousness, the soul and the concept of nothingness to follow.
There you go. Sorry it ended on a bit of a downer. I'm not into the whole tagging thing as I don't have enough internet friends, but feel free to come up with your own.

I'm off to Liverpool now to get spectacularly plastered.