Friday, March 28, 2008

Myspace leaving scam?

Here's something strange - I just deleted my Myspace account (because I've never used it) and once I did suddenly I got 5 friend requests. Now, my friend list up to that point contained a lonely Tom so this sounds well suspect to me.

Are Myspace trying to convince people to reconsider removing their account?

Why are they spamming me after I've removed all my details, clearly indicating that I don't want to be contacted any more?


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Anonymous said...

I got a Myspace request the other day from someone with the same name as an ex I'd actually quite like to hear from. I haven't used it for a bazillion years so I'm very dubious about whether it's spam. But - BUT - what if it's him?
But otoh if I log in, it reactivates my account, which is just what they want.

Dear Deidre, what should I do?!