Sunday, March 09, 2008


Wandering around Ally Pally is good for a hangover (as is a sausage sandwich and cup cake proffered by a loved one) and I took the opportunity to take my lovely 40D along. Amongst the sights we saw were this squirrel which dropped bits of tree on us and this bizarre object, which seemed to serve no purpose other than to perplex passers-by.

I only took the 50mm lens with me so I couldn't do the view justice, but central London was looking magnificent in the sunshine, with the rest of town covered by grey clouds and rain. This is the best I could come up with:

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ElijahBailey said...

I went to the Ally Pally fireworks last November. Good views.

The think I like about London is that with hilly places you realise how much of London is in a low basin (it's history being low flooded marsh/bloggy land) London is in. No matter how high you are (in normal circs) you can never look over the horizon. It may be an enormous place but it is still relatively contained.