Friday, April 11, 2008

Holy Shit

This is fucking awesome. Take that Sony and Microsoft. First Mario Kart, now this. Can life get any better?

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ElijahBailey said...

As much as I like my 360, I think it is incredible that Microsoft can think that charging over £50 for a Wireless Network Bridge (or to put it another way charge a 1/3 of a Wii) is in any acceptable and not a complete rip off.

All consoles should now come with inbuilt Wireless capabilities, it is not exactly a hard thing to do, and it is what we should be expecting as a standard feature.

If Nintendo can sell a console, at a profit, with in built wireless capabilities then so can Microsoft.

Especially since Microsoft like to make such a big deal of XBOX Live (another rip off).

Nintendo may not be perfect ("Hi we are Nintendo Europe and we hate you all" and "Lets release a great piece of hardware and then follow that up with only a trickle of decent games") but for whatever reason they just come over as more, I dunno, forgiveable. And I don't think that can just be down to nostalgic forgiveness.

You got Mario Galaxy? Beautiful game that.