Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wii Online Play

Firstly let me say that Mario Kart for the Wii is truly fantastic and immensely enjoyable. However, it seems that the Wii doesn't play nicely with routers demonstrated by frequent 'You have been disconnected from the other players', Error 86420 and Error 91010 messages during online play, which roughly translate as 'Argghhh, Nintendo Wii not see internet. Other Wiis not see you either'.

It looks like a problem with negotiating UPnP but Nintendo's advice is to manually set up port-forwarding (of every port, grrrr) which is fine until someone releases a worm for the Wii and I don't know about you but my little Netgear RP614 won't allow additional mappings to other IP addresses after I create this rule.

It's a bit crap though because would your average Joe know what to do here? Or would they just get really frustrated with dropping out of multiplayer games, blame Nintendo and just give up? A quick Google for 'Error 86420' shows I'm not alone.

It can't be that hard to fix. Or at least tie the ports down to a manageable number instead of all of them.

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Jamie said...

Who'd have thought that wireless internet doesn't work properly?!?!?!!

And before you respond "yes but it's not the router it's a 47QX malfunction in the integrated Wii Motherboard" if it doesn't happen when you use a wire its wireless internet not working.

Why we all accept a clearly faulty product / concept / technology I do not know.