Tuesday, July 01, 2008


So I saw Atonement the other day. I think I understand why it didn't win any Oscars; it's shit. I haven't seen such a plodding, pretentious, wooden-acted snore-fest since Last Days. Ok it's got a great, if thoroughly depressing ending, but that doesn't make up for two hours of Keira "Would quite like to" Knightley and James BoringVoy wandering around with sticks up their arses spouting stilted dialogue to each other through a series of set pieces remeniscient of a play, with some pointless arty time-shift shenanigans thrown in.

And come on, how many people planning to study medicine don't know what septicaemia is? At least I've learnt never to read Ian McEwan.

You want to see an accurate portrayal of the upper class in the interwar period? Try Jeeves and Wooster.


Brockley Kate said...

Yay for bitching about Atonement!
I haven't even seen it and I hate the fucking film (I quite like the novel tho but then, it doesn't feature Keira Fucking Knightley. I may be biased in this matter. )

Monkeyboy said...

oooohhhh.... potty mouth. Quite liked the book...actually quiet liked the film. sorry.