Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I've found the holy grail. I shit you not. Finally Google have released an app that will synchronise your Outlook with your Google Calendar. I have 3 computers I regularly use, 2 personal and 1 work and oh-joy-of-joys I've managed to install this on my work machine. I've only set up the sync to go from Outlook to Google on this one, but I'm fully aware I'll probably get a kicking if someone finds out.

But it's fantastic to actually be able to see what meetings I've got coming up, without having to VPN in every time. And I can actually make proper use of Google Calendar now as the personal appointments I've put into my Outlook will get synched. I'll be able to check these offline as well as I have Outlook on my personal laptop, which I take on adventures with me. Fantastic.

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Tim said...

"Blackberry: now it's like I'm never out of the office"